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Antique Flyfishing Still-life

This is a studio photo of some vintage flyfishing equipment. There is a fishing creel, bamboo rod, Four Brothers flyreel, antique salmon flies, a vintage fly-tying vise, and a silk gut winder.

Antique Lure Silhouette

This is a silhouette of a vintage lure with propeller.

Four Brothers Delite Fly Reel

This is a vintage Four Brothers flyreel photo done with a watercolor effect. the reel is nickel-silver with hard rubber sides... a classic fly reel.

Black Doctor Salmon Fly

Brass Fishing Reel

Antique brass fishing reel from the 1800's, maker unknown.

Vintage Salmon Flies

A pair of antiqu classic salmon flies on original card from Farlow and Co.

Black Doctor Salmon Fly
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